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Group Reservation Request Form

All required parts of this form must be completed or form will not submit.

Group Information
Retreat Information
03:00 PM
11:00 AM
Approximate number of guests staying overnight:
Lodging Request

Please indicate the appropriate lodging you wish to reserve.

Uphill Cabins
Downhill Cabins
Meeting Space Request

Please indicate the meeting space requested.  Overnight groups will receive one complimentary meeting space to fit the needs of your group, for the duration of your retreat.  Additional meeting space requested by groups will be on a first-come, first-served basis and will be billed at the cost listed on the rate schedule.

The Pine Forest Cafe and Store is not available for rental or storage.  Once your reservation is confirmed, our staff will work out operating hours based on your group's schedule, if you would like to have access.  The Lodgepole Activity Center is not available for rental by groups, with the exception of group size over 150 participants.  If your group is smaller than 150 participants, you can request to use it for a fee.  Groups using the climbing wall are not charged a fee for using the Activity Center.
Food Services

Because we do not have a guest kitchen, groups with 15 or more participants are required to eat meals through our Food Services.  Meals are served at the following times:  Breakfast, 8 AM; Lunch, 12:00 PM; Dinner, 5:30 PM.

Activities Request

All guests participating in an activity at CWP must complete the liability waiver (online or downloaded and turned in at check-in).  Participants who do not have a completed liability waiver will not be allowed to participate.  Please see Activity and Miscellaneous Fees for prices and regulations.  Our staff will contact you about exact times for activities closer to date of event.


Additional Info
Memo of Understanding

Thank you for requesting information about CWP.

Someone from our staff will contact you shortly.

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