Revolution Winter Retreat - January 13-15, 2018


Some people want to call Revolution a "mini" version of our popular summer camps, but it's so much more than that.  

Arrival 2 PM Saturday

Departure 11 AM Monday


Students 6th-12th grades 



  What to Expect: 

Student Winter Retreat jam-packed with Bible study, powerful worship, crazy recreation, high ropes elements, and more!


Pre-Registration Price: ONLY $79

($25 non-refundable deposit due by TUESDAY January 2, 2018 in order to secure this price)

FREE T-shirt with DEPOSIT and COMPLETED registration by January 2, 2018

This price includes all programming, activities, overnight stay in dorms, T-shirt and five meals!


Price after January 2: $89



What to Pack :)

1. Clothes - decent clothes and clothes that you can get dirty.
2. Toiletries - soap, teethbrushing stuff, towels, and DEODORANT .
3. Spending money - for shirts & snacks.
4. Medications - Over the counter and prescription - must be given to the camp nurse.
5. Bible, Pen, & Paper
6. Flashlight
7. Sleeping Bag or Twin Sheets & a Pillow
8. A plastic bag for your dirty clothes.

What NOT to Pack :(

Cell phones (we will confiscate them, make international calls and go over your data cap on them), fireworks, weapons, pets (should snake handling occur, the necessary reptiles will be provided :), fireworks, paintball/airsoft guns, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, clock radios (alarm clocks ok), ipods/ipads/mp3/8-tracks/or musical devices of any kind, or anything else that could be deemed inappropriate for a Christian Camp.


For more info and registration, contact us at:
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Summer Staff

We are NOW taking applications for 2018 SUMMER STAFF!!  

Click here for more details and application!